Restaurant Gościnna Chata


The "Gościnna Chata' restaurant/tavern invites you to try traditional Polish dishes. Using the flavors and atmosphere of the premises we will try to give a little of our Polish tradition.

All the dishes in our kitchen contain the best products from the region of Malopolska, as well as the Inn "Gościnna Chata" operating in Wysowa Zdroj in the Beskid Niski (e.g .: sauerkraut, pickled cucumbers, pickles, cheese, sour cream, etc.).

We ask for your patience during the execution of complex orders, because each of them is prepared individually with the full commitment of our chefs.

Grilled redykołki
Grilled redykołki With bacon and apple/rowan jam from our pantry (smoked sheep cheese from Podhale)
Roasted deer pate on toast
With marinated mushrooms and horseradish-apple sauce
Polish beef tartare
Seasoned with egg yolk, olive oil, onion, cucumber and marinated mushrooms with croutons and garlic butter
Two types of herrings
One old Polish style with roasted potato, the other marinated with mustard and honey on a slice of beet with capers
Fried rainbow trout
Marinated and served with yoghurt and dill
Green salad with grilled chicken slices
With tomato, fresh cucumber and sweet pepper, red onion, roasted sunflower seeds and olive sauce
Salad with cottage cheeses
With pear, toasted almonds, toasts with onion jam and olive-honey sauce
Traditional “Półgęsek” (smoked geese fillet)
On lettuce with dried tomato, with radish, quail egg and olive-garlic sauce
Traditional Polish Saturday and Sunday soup
In various regions prepared only on Saturdays and Sundays
Traditional red borscht
On pickled beets with meat dumplings
Rural sour soup
With potato puree, quail egg and slices of white sausage
Tripe (beef guts)
Traditional Polish soup
Fillet of trout out of the water (boiled) with vegetables
Trout fillet fried in butter
Served with baked potato, vegetables and green salad
Haunch of venison on dumplings
With buckwheat and mushrooms in pepper sauce with a splash of red onion jam
Traditional Polish pork chop with fried cabbage
With potato puree and salads / For lovers of poultry – chicken filet prepared and served in similar fashion.
Polish knuckle
Baked in vegetables and beer served on fried cabbage and with bread
Turkey roulade
Stuffed with dried tomato and cheese "Lazur Blue" baked in cream with carrot, potato puree
Beaten steak from Polish beef (roast beef)
With fried egg, grated sheep's cheese, roasted potatoes and green salad
Roast of ram ham
Served with boletus sauce with dumplings and salads
So called „Russian“
Stuffed with cottage cheese or potatoes and topped with fried onions
With cabbage and mushrooms
Topped with fried onions
With meat, topped with cracklings
With buckwheat and mushrooms on pepper sauce
Homemade sausage
On fried cabbage with bread, horseradish and pears mustard
Bigos in wholemeal bread
A traditional Polish dish of cabbage with meat, sausage and dried plums
Gołąbki (Stuffed cabbage leaves)
Roasted in the oven, stuffed with buckwheat, meat and mushrooms served with tomato sauce
Silesian noodles
With pepper sauce served with lettuce
“Zbójnicki” Cake
Traditional potato pancakes layered with beef stew served with salad and pickled cucumber
Crispy potato pancakes
With homemade cream and cream-garlic or boletus sauce
Leg of lamb
Baked with vegetables served with baked potato, with "gzikiem" (grated cheese) and salads
Leg of sheep
Baked in honey with mustard, served with buckwheat and salad
Traditional Christmas dish
Rabbit stewed in cream sauce with carrots and baked potato approx. 1kg - serving 2 to 4 Pers.
Roasted duck
Stuffed with buckwheat, meat, apples, dried plums, raisins, served with apple sauce approx. 2kg - serving for 2-4 Pers.
Polish oat roasted goose
Stuffed with buckwheat, meat, almonds and apples served with orange sauce approx.4kg - serving for 8 Pers.
Ravioli with dried plums
Cake of the day
Fruit sorbet with mint-raspberry sauce
Potato pancakes with roasted apples with honey
Ice cream
With walnut sauce, roasted almonds, whipped cream and chocolate flakes

Polish Feast (min. 6 people) - 35€ per person

  • Welcoming shot of Polish angelica vodka(dzięgielówką) and bread with marinated bacon.
  • Soups to try; sour soup with egg / borscht with stuffed dumplings..
  • The main dish served on a wooden platter: - A bowl of dumplings / 3 per/person - With sheep cheese, grits and bacon with mushrooms and cheese.
  • Meat; 3 pieces of roasted duck thighs with apples. / 3 pieces of Polish beef roulade in Polish gravy.
  • Potato cake, potato dumplings, salads. For good digestion: piołunówka (absinthe vodka).